RE-MEMORY, Generative one-channel video with stereo sound, 2020

Generative one-channel video with stereo sound.

Re-memories represents how our episodic memory and autonoetic consciousness work, with presenting four layers of randomly changing transparent monochrome visual imagery together. Episodic memory and autonomic consciousness are used for personal memories, such as the sensations, emotions, and personal associations of a particular place or time.

The Base of artwork is created from 100 different black and white pictures, which are taken from city of Rome during years 2001–2019. Pictures are presented in four semi transparent layers above each other and they change randomly with slow transitions. Semi transparent layers together generates surrealistic and abstract new images, which you can´t really recall what it represents, but it still makes a familiar feeling. Speed of the transition time is essential: too slow transition gives audience too much time and they starts to recognize images from separate layers. Too fast would make artwork look hectic. Mixed, unrecognizable images with familiar feeling, represents how our brain mixes memories together recreating a new interpretations from the past. All layers have the same 100 images and with four layers of images, artwork can create up to 100 000 000 different variations. When same image appears on two, or more layers together at the same time, it makes image sharper and more recognizable, representing how our memory works: some memories in the past are more clear than others. Artworks eerie soundscape compounds visuals together and strengthens the audiovisual experience.

I chose Rome for the subject of the pictures because everyone has some kind of relationship to it. Audience creates their own narrative for the artwork based on their own previous experiences, even if they haven´t ever visited Rome.